Prickly pear make-up or girls just wanna have fun

This is what happens when you smear the inside of a prickly pear fruit on your face. It was a spontaneous act out at my garden. I’ve blended the mushy, purple-red fruit in my Bullet but never applied it as make-up. The devil made me do it. I think we were high. We had just taken an art assemblage workshop with Bob Rizzo from Rhode Island and were feeling pretty darn spunky.

Girls just wanna have fun

Tiny feet, big heads

What a shock to pull the broccoli — nothing lasts forever, even a good stand of producing broccoli — and to see what shallow roots the whole edifice has been resting on these many months. And so twisted, too. No decent architect would ever design something so shaky looking. The enormity of the structure is something to remember the next time you broadcast a seed the size of kosher salt, well, maybe a little bigger. All that in seven months. Some strong DNA going on.

The shallow, twisted roots of mature broccoli