Hardest day of my life

Since we purchased “Breaking Bad” and don’t subscribe to AMC, we have to wait a day to watch the previous night’s episode. Last night was the final in a five-year series (most of which we binge-watched) and the hardest to wait for, especially since so much has to be wrapped up and since it’s the first day of the month, which means I haven’t read my legal 10 articles from the Times or the Post. So far this morning I’ve seen — and not read — three headlines from the New York Times, the Washington Post and the New York Post: A clear ending to a spectacular beginning; Spectacular finish to Breaking Bad, and What happened to Walt and to us. This is not going to be easy to wait until tonight. But seriously, how many series — or books, for that matter — go out on a high note? Amazing.



The great luffa takeover

I know luffas are easy to grow and aggressive and sprawling but to climb over the azaleas, up the side of the house, over the roof and onto the chimney, well, that is a new one on me. If I had paid attention when they were young I could have eaten them but at this point they’re too fibrous. So now the¬†problem is what to do with them since a luffa scrubbie can last for years.¬†In the end it’s an art piece, which for some of us, is what gardening is all about anyway.

Luffas forever