my kingdom for some lettuce

i’m trying yet again to grow lettuce. i broke down and bought five bags of chicken manure (25 bucks!) since that’s what chloe says george says is the key. and i thought it was good light, good water, good seeds…. i ordered them from johnny’s – red cross aka butterhead lettuce (lactuca sativa). they’re pelleted, a little easier to deposit (broadcast) than those other itty-bitty seeds but they require constant water to break open those hard white shells; and summer crisp lettuce (i like my lettuce crisp, don’t you?), also pelleted. the first variety estimates a 97 percent germination rate, the second, 99 percent. each packet promised to hold 250 seeds. i started counting as i pushed them in the ground but i got distracted and lost count. that’s alota lettuce. but seriously? 97/99 percent? i planted the first batch in the lane, the butterhead in the chicken manure, the summer crisp in the compost pile i started in the fall