Stinky nymphs: huh?

So there I am, harvesting arugula, weeding around carrots at the Back Forty farm and … looking for stink bugs, the Southern green stink bug nymph, to be exact. Sneaky little devils, those nymphs. Beautiful, yes. In fact, dazzling, the way a beautiful young girl can be, their shield-shaped bodies, that knockout shade of green, those harlequin markings. But take care. Stink bugs are dangerous to plants. They must be deleted. You can squish them with your fingers, or, in true organic, i.e. analog, fashion, you can drop them in a can of soapy water that lives in the field. Caution: do not step on them. Your shoe will smell stinky, rank, and funky (so many “k”s; what’s that about?).

That stinky nymph!