The Dirt On Jane

The Dirt on Jane is Jane Fishman’s  anti-memoir. It’s a tale of aging, a style of gardening, a rage at having to wear two pairs of glasses to read a map in the car. It’s a meditation in maintaining a sense of humor when visiting her mother in the old folks home and hearing someone ask, “When did you move in?” It’s a prayer for patience when her mother says, “All I want for Mother’s Day is for you to polish your nails with some Iced Mocha I bought on sale.” It’s a look at a life that is hap­hazard, loopy, fun and always in need of straightening. As a judge in the Savannah Garden Exposition once said of her ten-foot-by-twelve-foot faux garden entry: “Delightful! Shows one doesn’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy gardening. Lacks cohesiveness.”

What Others Have Said

“This is a brave book. I cried and cried at the end. Aging is on Jane Fishman’s mind. As Savannah’s adopted daughter of the South (part steel magnolia/part soul sista), she makes you realize the only time we have is now. She writes with wit, a perceptive eye and a love of words. She will make you laugh and sputter at the same time.”
– Betsy Cain, artist and friend, Savannah, Georgia

“I can’t imagine a better way to spend a few evenings than to read Jane Fishman. She brings her infectious sense of humor to everything she touches, whether it’s her gardening, her aging, her mother’s aging, an altercation with a meter maid or when she discusses her sexuality with her mother. When I say her voice is dirty I mean it in the most positive sense of the word: it is filled with a raucous love of everything and everyone who has been touched by the earth. Reading Jane is like taking a stroll through her “African-American” garden: nothing is organized but everything is tended. Surprises crop up everywhere.”
– Sheryl St. Germain, Director, Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Chatham University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Posted June 24, 2012, Barnes and Noble website:
This woman can write! Funky, funny, endearingly honest report from Real Life by a woman who’s one damn good writer.

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